The Living Dead is a haunted house attraction. If you like to be scared or frightened - we can take care of that for you.

This attraction is not like a traditional haunt - in that the inside is not quite a maze.  It is a scary, open world environment...Meaning there is no right way to go through the haunt. Each time you enter - it could be different, as the path you choose is your own.  Once you enter - you will try to find the exit - which we won't allow...But don't worry - we'll let you out when it's time.  If you are lucky enough to escape The Living Dead - try your luck with our Escape the Living Dead and Circus of the Living Dead experiences.

 These Attractions are not suitable for young children -  parental discretion is strongly advised. No Refunds will be given. Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.  Check out our Rules & FAQs for further questions. 

The Living Dead Haunted House Attraction top ten Award for Missouri


The Living Dead Haunt

c/o Haunted Visions

1021 NE Colbern Road

Lee's Summit, MO 64086