It's time for Haunted Houses in Kansas City!

Haunted Houses In Kansas City

Did you know that Kansas City is recognized by many as the haunted house capital of the world? Many modern haunted houses took inspiration from the attractions that live right here in Kansas City. Haunted houses are a great way to get the blood pumping. If you’re looking for the best haunted houses in Kansas City, you don’t have to go downtown.

For years, Paradise Park in Lee’s Summit has provided the metro area with a safe, clean place to spend time with your friends and family in the fall. And our award-winning haunted house attracts people from all over the region!

How to pick haunted houses in Kansas City

Haunted houses and terrifying attractions are all over Kansas City. But which to choose? We understand that your time is limited during the Halloween season—so many things to do, so many costumes to try—and while we may be biased, but we’ve got something really special here at Paradise Park.

Try Paradise Park for a haunted house experience in Kansas City

Paradise Park is the best kept secret in Haunted Houses in Kansas City. Dip your toes into a haunted house experience featuring surprise scares that will keep you laughing all night – the kind of scary that doesn’t stick with you (no thanks, nightmares!).

Paradise Park’s Fright Nights (Friday & Saturday nights) run from the last weekend in September through Halloween. All in one safe, clean place, you can do 4 different scary attractions, ranging from not very scary to pee-your-pants-frightening.

Living Dead Haunted House • Escape the Living Dead (5-minute escape room) & Circus of the Living Dead (5-minute escape room) • Haunted Laser Tag Hayride • Infection Laser Tag

Need more convincing?

  • Award Winning. Our Haunted House was voted one of the best haunted houses in Missouri the past 2 years.

  • Family Friendly. The haunted houses and attractions at Paradise Park are clean and safe. We offer a well lit parking lot right in front of the building, with ample spaces to park. Plus, there are options for a variety of ages – younger kids can enjoy the less-scary Infection Laser Tag or Haunted Laser Tag Hayride (age 8 and up), while teens and adults love the scarier options. Everyone’s happy at the end of the night!

  • Hours of Fun. We offer a variety of entertainment options, from haunted houses to blood-curdling escape rooms (and you can bundle them to keep the good times going!) and even non-Halloween-themed activities like go-karting, mini-golf, and more!

  • Pioneered. Our haunted house curators helped pioneer the next-level-scary open concept (more on this below!)

  • Local & Convenient. We offer all the benefits of a professional haunted house in Kansas City—without going downtown. We’re even open late (our Living Dead haunts will stay open as long (late) as people are around to go through them!).

  • Not Just for Halloween. You’ll have access to our outdoor activities & bar to keep you entertained while you wait in line. Our beautifully maintained grounds, with lights strung in the trees and manicured sidewalks, make walking from one attraction to the next a pleasant activity in itself.

Escape Room versus Laser Tag versus Haunted Houses in Kansas City

If you’re like us, you’ll want a variety of different activities to test your fear factor and your endurance this Halloween season. That’s why we provide more than just Haunted Houses in Kansas City.

Every fall, we create a scary laser tag hayride where you never know who is hiding in our woods, but at least you are equipped to fight them off! Not to mention the Infection Laser Tag game in our Operation Laser Tag arena. We also bring in two 5-minute portable escape rooms with hair-raising challenges to push you and your friends to the limit!

If you want to dip your toes into Halloween without getting your pants scared off, a little laser tag may be the perfect fit. It’s a great transitional activity for tweens and youngsters.

If you want to get that adrenaline rush from pushing yourself to your limit, try one of our escape rooms. Imagine not only being creeped out by a clown or a flesh-eating zombie, but also locked in a room with one—with only five minutes to escape. You can see why these are so popular (and terrifying). Five minutes never lasted so long!

The best part about an escape room is that it brings you the agency you’re looking for in a scary Halloween scenario. Ever take those online quizzes about whether you’d be the one who would survive a zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion? Now’s your chance to find out for real!

What is an open concept haunted house?

When it comes to haunted houses, an open concept is a revolutionary idea—rather than ushering people through a set experience, let them loose and allow them to escape on their own. That means that you could be scared from any and every direction. It will always keep you jumping, twisting and turning, with surprises around every corner! Every time through is a different experience!

Who to bring with you to a haunted house

Friends & Family

If you’ve never heard your dad scream like your little sister before, you may want to consider bringing along your parents or siblings to Paradise Park’s haunted houses. Fair warning though, these attractions evoke the most extreme human emotions. Bring only your closest friends and family you trust not to make fun of you for all of your “scared” faces later.


Ever wondered how a co-worker would react to getting their pants scared off by a killer clown? Gather your team and head to Paradise Park’s haunted houses in Kansas City for a unique team-building and bonding experience whose memories will last the whole year!


Tired of dirty dishes in the sink? Drag your roommates along to one of our haunted houses or escape rooms. You’ll scare the motivation right into them!

Overall, your group dynamic can largely influence your haunted house experience. That means that you could literally walk through the same haunted house on multiple occasions with different friends or groups, and have a uniquely frightening time, every time!

The Paradise Park Haunted Houses of Kansas City and Fright Night Attractions

Learn more about our haunted house and attractions and see which one may be the right fit for your fright~ We’ve even ranked them on our Scare-o-Meter to help you determine which activity may be best for your group.

The Living Dead Haunted House (award winning) | Ages 13+

Scare Factor: High Scary Score: 5 (pee-your-pants terrifying) Type: Open Style Haunted House Indoors

There’s a reason The Living Dead Haunted House is one of the best haunted houses in Missouri. But you’ll have to find out for yourself! Rather than wander through a scary maze, you’ll find yourself in an even more frightening open-world environment, vulnerable to unseen terrors and an exit that is difficult to find. Every time you enter it’s a different experience, so do it again and again if you dare.

Escape the Living Dead | Ages 13+

Scare Factor: Medium-High Scary Score: 4.5 (I-can’t-handle-this horrifying) Type: Escape Room Indoors

A scary escape room experience unlike anything else. You’re locked in a small room with a member of the undead…will panic overtake you? Will you be able to solve the puzzles you need to get out? Work with your companions to evade the zombie starting to break free. You’ve got 5 minutes to find out, or lose your mind…

Circus of the Living Dead | Ages 13+

Scare Factor: Medium-High Scary Score: 4 (I thought I was a tough guy but I’m actually a total wuss) Type: Escape Room Indoors

This might be the longest 5 minutes of your life. It’s a little bit of an escape room nightmare, especially if clowns creep you out…You are trapped in a tiny room with a sadistic clown, determined to recruit you to become a permanent member of his Circus of Death. Can you get yourself out before he unleashes all of his undead clowns on you?

Haunted Laser Tag Hayride | Ages 8+

Scare Factor: Low-Medium Scary Score: 3 (good old-fashioned scary) Type: Laser Tag & Hayride Outdoors

This is what we believe to be our entry-level scare… There are actually 2 parts to this hayride, with one being a hair-raising section you can opt out of. This is what makes this a less frightening option. It’s also a laser tag game, so it gives you the illusion of having some power to fight back. Riding through the twists and turns in our dark woods on a tractor-pulled trailer, you and your companions are trying to make it through safely. Until you get to the end, you wait like sitting ducks for whatever scary creatures are after you. Armed with your laser tag guns, you might make it…

Infection Laser Tag | Ages 8+

Scare Factor: Low-Medium Scary Score: 2.5 (heart-racing adrenaline rush) Type: Laser Tag Indoor/Outdoor

You are stuck in a large, dark, noisy, high-energy environment with nooks and crannies that any spooky who-knows-what could be lurking in. You do get to carry a laser tag gun and fight back. But it’s still heart-racing, never knowing what’s around the next turn or when you might get “infected.” There’s a deadly infection threatening to eliminate humanity. You’re on a quest to find the source and eliminate it, without being infected yourself. A dark, enclosed labyrinth, scary music and flashing lights make finding and fighting them a frightening experience…survive if you can.

Buy a Combo Deal of all 4 haunted house attractions at Paradise Park online now if you’re ready! Buy My Combo Deal Now

Or, buy a Pick 2 package – choose your 2 favorite options here.

What to do before and after your Haunted House


Before you dare to try our haunted houses in Kansas City, be sure to use the restroom. Seriously! Our scares are no joke. If you don’t? Hopefully you packed an extra change of clothes.


By the end of your haunted house experience(s), your nerves will be fried, your adrenaline will be crashing like you just ran a marathon, and you just might need a beer. We have those! Be sure to check out the grown-up refreshment stand at the Paradise Park Campfire Lounge.

If you bundled your haunted house or Fright Night attractions with another Paradise Park activity, such as a Go Kart ride or another non-scary activity, then you’re en route for even more fun, laughter, and adrenaline rushes!

Haunted House Safety Tips


  • Bring a friend. (Preferably one strong enough to carry you… you know, just in case you can’t make it out by yourself~)

  • Wear tight-fitting, close-toed shoes. (You’ll be running in terror if we do our jobs right!)

  • Turn your phone off. Not only can camera phones and ringtones spoil the fun for the other participants, it can also compromise the spooky surprises of other future guests if the footage is spread!

  • Book additional activities. If you’re anxious about getting nightmares, the best way to cleanse your mind after a scary haunted house is to fill the rest of your night with activities like laser tag, go karting, or a rock wall.


  • Bring a flashlight in. (Our volunteers and actors need to keep their eyeballs in tact after you leave!)

  • Bring pets, weapons, or cameras.

  • Touch, tackle, tear, or otherwise make contact with at any actor or costume you see. (Trust us, they’ll return the favor.)

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