Circus of the Living Dead is a terrifying Escape Room Experience.

There is a clown who is a sadistic showman, hell-bent on providing the scariest circus in the land.  His circus is one of death, and he needs Actors and Actresses....That's where you come in.

Trapped in his game - you have 5 minutes to escape before he releases his undead clowns on you...Making you a permanent cast member.  Can you survive his demented world - or will you become part of the entertainment?  If you survive try our Haunted House Attraction, The Living Dead and our other thrilling Escape Room - Escape the Living Dead.

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 These Attractions are not suitable for young children -  parental discretion is strongly advised. No Refunds will be given. Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.  Check out our Rules & FAQs for further questions. 

The Living Dead Haunted House Attraction top ten Award for Missouri
zombie clown


The Living Dead Haunt